The Adult Kickscooter Is A Great Way To Get Around Town

If you think that a kickscooter is a kids toy then think again. Adult kickscooters are ideal for travel around town and can easily be carried on a train or even on a bus. It can be faster to get around town on an adult kickscooter than it is travelling by cab and scootering is great fun and good exercise as well.

The origin of scooters is lost in the mists of time but they were around before the bicycle and while scooters have grown and faded again in popularity they are a very practical and fun way to get around.  Kick scooters are currently enjoying a resurgence of interest and many are being bought by people who have discovered that an adult kick scooter is a great way to get around town.

adult kickscooter - Xootr and Micro BlackThe scooter is basically a small two wheeled skateboard with handlebars which give you a greater sense of security and better steering. The wheels can be small hard rubber tires or larger wheels with pneumatic tires. The larger wheels are better on rougher roads and ground while the small wheeled adult scooters go very well on smooth paved surfaces.

An adult kick scooter needs to built to carry an adults weight and you should check to ensure that any kick scooter you are considering purchasing will be suitable for carrying your weight.

If you are tall you may find the height of the handlebar a little low. This may be something you can adjust to but it is another point worth checking when looking at any adult kick scooters for sale.

Kick scooters are normally collapsible and easily carried but some of the larger ones are less portable though they may be more comfortable in use. You need to find a balance between comfort, ease of use and portability if that is an important issue for you.

The cost of adult kickscooters can go from around $70 up to several hundred dollars but as with so many other things in life you get what you pay for. Better design and strong but lightweight materials all come at a price but if you want an adult kickscooter you will be happy with for a long time it is worth spending the money to get the adult scooter that is most appropriate for your needs. Check out our look at the Xootr Mg to see our favorite adult kickscooter

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